Motorcity Group
Duke's Henchmen
The Duke’s Henchmen
Leader The Duke of Detroit
Members No. 2, Cyborg Dan, numerous others
Cars The Duke's Limos
Headquarters The Duke's Mansion
First "The Duke of Detroit"

The Duke's henchmen are a group of highly organized employees loyal to the Duke of Detroit. All members but No. 2 wear a black suit, red tie, and chauffeur hat.


The Duke's henchmen apprehended the Burners with amazing displays of acrobatics when they trespassed into the Duke's territory.

During the race against Chuck behind the wheel of Blonde Thunder, it was one of the Duke's henchmen that was chosen to race.


  • The Duke's henchman have been seen listening to the Duke's karaoke concerts. Whether they enjoy it or if attendance is mandatory is unknown.
  • Fans have coined the term ‘Duke’s Mook’s’ [1]


Episode 8 Dutch joins the burners
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