Motorcity Group
S1e4 Terra Group
Members Kaia, Rall, and many unnamed others

Enemies Abraham Kane, the Burners
Headquarters The Terra Village
First "Texas-ify It"
Times 2

The Terra are an eco-friendly resistance group also known as the Terra-dwellers. They are lead by Kaia,


The Terra fight to take revenge on Kane as well as the Deluxian. As a side effect of the dumping from KaneCo, the Terra themselves have been mutated. They conceal their appearances behind gas masks and headbands.


The Terra were once a peaceful, eco friendly group of Motorcitizens until KaneCo ravaged their land with toxic waste dumped by the Toxo Tanks. While allied at first with the Burners, the Terra's ruthless tactics quickly ended the alliance.

The Terra tried to blow up Detroit Deluxe, and later bring down the plates Detroit Deluxe rests on, both which would have hurt innocent people, or have crushed Motorcity, but the Burners managed to stop them each time.


The members live in a village on the outskirts of Motorcity, in an area that was decimated by KaneCo's waste dumping with his Toxo tank.


The Terra use rapidly-growing plants that have been mutated by KaneCo pollutants into crossbow like weapons. The Terra Dwellers also Have Vine Bullwhips & Spears


  1. 105. "Texas-ify It"
  2. 118. "Mayhem Night"


Episode 8 Dutch joins the burners
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