Motorcity Object
MC000 PR 000 Spark Staff v03 bc-1-
Spark Staff
Type Weapon
Owner Mike Chilton
First Battle for Motorcity

"The spark staff" is Mike's retractable electrified sawblade weapon that he keeps with him at all times. It can transform from full staff to a compact skull. Mike uses the smaller form as a gearshift for Mutt.


While Mike and Chuck were searching the underdepths of Motorcity for a fusion battery to power the eastside gate, Mike found the spark staff in an abandoned auto shop. Removing the item from the debris caused the auto shop to collapse, though the two Burners manages to retrieve both the staff and the battery they needed.
Spark Staff Skull

Spark staff in the auto shop

Mike has been using the spark staff regularly ever since.



Episode 8 Dutch joins the burners
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  • Though it has yet to be named in the show, the Motorcity crew refer to Mike's weapon as the spark staff.