Motorcity Object
Type Clothing, armor, & surveillance equipment.
Owner KaneCo and all Deluxians
Voiced by Kate Micucci
First "Off the Rack"

"Safe-T-Suits" are a suit created by KaneCo that all citizens of Detroit Deluxe are required to wear.


Safe-T-Suits are white and blue jumpsuits that are stored in a small, unobtrusive ring. The suits can completely protect the wearer from enormous amounts of physical harm, and also include tracking devices and video recorders so that KaneCo can monitor each citizen's activity.

Safe-T-Suit ring

Safe-T-Suit Ring

There is also a function that allows KaneCo to take full control of the suit, so that the wearer is at the mercy of whoever is controlling the suit. The normally white suits turn red when this happens.

The suits have a fail safe that disables them once they receive too much damage.


Kane issued these suits to all Deluxians in an attempt to better monitor his citizens, and more importantly, find any traitors.

When Julie wore hers, although Kane was unable to see her, he was able to see that one of his citizens was fraternizing with the enemy, and immediately took control, using Julie to attack the Burners. When the battle moved from Motorcity up to Detroit Deluxe, Kane used many of the safe-T-suit clad Deluxians to impede the Burners.


Episode 8 Dutch joins the burners
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