Welcome to the Motorcity Wiki's Article Guidelines.

Please refer to the Motorcity Wiki Guidelines for more information.


This page will answer many of your questions pertaining to articles on this wikia. If you can not find your answer, please ask an administrator.

What is an article

An article should be a page, officially named, with a topic falling under one of these categories:


Please do not create relationship pages. Instead, create a section in a character's article describing relationships. For example, Mike's page should have a section describing his relationship with all of the other main characters.


Please include an appearance section in an article and not in a character box.


When linking please link the first appearance of a thing that has a separate article. Do this in a main article and in a template. Using this guideline, one thing should never be linked on a page more than twice. Some tricky situations occur when using possessives. Please use this format:


instead of just


Article do's and do not's


  • Write in paragraphs
  • Use punctuation
  • Link
  • Add sources
  • Add categories
  • Fix grammar
  • Use templates

Do not

  • Forget capitalization
  • Add lists of attributes
  • Leave blank articles
  • Vandalize articles
  • Add speculative information

Article talk pages

Please keep the topic of article talk page discussions about improving the article itself. Do not post personal opinions that would otherwise be better suited for a blog, fanfiction, etc.