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Mike Chilton
Mike Chilton
Background information
First seen "Battle for Motorcity"
Voice Reid Scott
Character information
Full name Mike Chilton
Other names "Mike: The Smiling Dragon", Mikey (Chuck only) "Tiny" (by Texas) "Cowboy" (very very rarely by Julie)
Personality Calm, witty, righteous
Car Mutt
Occupation The leader of the Burners
Affiliations The Burners
Goal To protect Motorcity; liberate Deluxe
Home Motorcity
Relatives Capri Chilton (estranged older sister)
Allies Chuck, Julie, Texas, Dutch, Jacob, Jenzen (well, he was)
Enemies Abraham Kane, The Duke of Detroit, Red, Cyborg Dan, Kaia, The Beast, Terra
Likes Driving fast, Hanging with friends, ruining Kane's plans
Dislikes Abraham Kane, downtime
Powers and abilities Strength, Acrobatics, Hand to Hand Combat, Thinking on his feet.
Weapons Spark Staff
Quote "I'm Mike Chilton and my friends and I are gonna fight Kane with everything we've got."

Mike Chilton is the leader of the Burners. He drives Mutt.


Mike is an average 6'0"; olive complexion with dark brown hair that is slightly long in the back and long enough bangs for his eyes to peek through. Mike's attire resembles a relaxed version of his cadet uniform. A plain white undershirt tucked into brown boot-cut pants with black belt, and a dark blue jacket with orange accents and Burner emblem on the right sleeve.

His former Cadet Uniform is a standard short sleeve, light-blue button up shirt with a long white undershirt and matching trousers with a long, white stripe that runs down continuously on the left side and tied together with black belt.

Many fans assumed that Mike wore black loafers but it was later revealed to be black cowboy boots. (how fitting.)


Mike is a cool-headed, quick-witted 17 year old. He's adaptable and can come of as reckless due to his impulsive nature. Mike's thirst for action can sometimes cloud his better judgement. He'll act without weighing the consequences and places the Burners [mostly himself] in danger. However, Mike always seems to have a "Plan B" for just about every situation.

Mike is very loyal and protective of his friends and their well-being, he'll do just about anything for them.


Due to his military background, Mike is very knowledgeable on most of the technology in Kane's arsenal, an expert in hand-to-hand combat but his specialty is using his trusty Spark Staff.

Mike is also a skilled driver who can drive just about anything. But his biggest thrill is pulling off, death-defying stunts throughout the city with the help of his souped up ride he and Chuck built together.


Mike and Kane

Mike was a former soldier in Abraham Kane's Army and was later hand picked by Kane; himself, to be promoted to Commander. In the episode Vendetta, Mike recollects the "Father-Son" bond he shared with Kane before he became a Burner and later confirmed in the finale episode, A Better Tomorrow.
Mike's Kanco badge
On Mike's first mission [as Commander], his assignment was to demolish an abandon apartment complex in Motorcity. When he discovered that people still lived in the buildings, he reported back to Kane. Mike was shocked to learn that Kane had prior knowledge of the residents and still ordered him to proceed with the operation despite this fact.

Mike refused and Kane quickly labeled him as a traitor, both feeling betrayed by the other. Now, Mike is Detroit Deluxe's most wanted outlaw and Motorcity's last hope against Kane's tyranny.

Mike and Chuck

Chuck is Mike's best friend and co-pilot. Mike and Chuck share a special chemistry when the two ride together in the face of danger. As much as Chuck wails in fear for his life riding shotgun, he knows that Mike has his back through thick and thin. Mike tries to support Chuck in every way possible (even if it means cheating a race or defending the imaginary Kingdom of Raymanthia); encouraging him to realize his own strength that lies deep in his heart. Although it was never officially disclosed on the show about how these two first met, it's confirmed by creator, Chris Prynoski, that they boys grew up together in Deluxe.



Murdoc-Gorillaz 600-495

Murdoc from the Gorillaz

  • Robert Valley was one of the character designers on the show. Inspiring Mike's rebel design from theGorillaz bass guitarist. Murdoc.
  • His surname "Chilton" is a reference to a series of car repair manuals.
  • When the show was cancelled, at the courtesy of Chris P. POM shared with fans Mike's estranged older sister, Capri Chilton.[1] It's unclear whether or not she'd make her appearance in the following season, or if Mike even knew he had a sister.
  • Mike wears briefs and it's orange.[2]


Episode 8 Dutch joins the burners
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