McKenzie Kerman
Not PoMs Final form
Nickname(s) PoMs, People of Motorcity
Gender Male
Occupation Animator
Website People of Motorcity
Role Animator, Fanbase Relations

McKenzie Kerman, known to most fans as PoM, is an animator for Motorcity and administrator of the Motorcity tumblr blog People of Motorcity.


Personal thank you from Wiki Admin

PoMs has been uniting Motorcity fans directly with the shows creators since April 2012. He's provided the fanbase with information on airdates, series status, art, in house shenanigans, contests, fan meetups, convention appearances- the lists goes on. The Motorcity fanbase is as strong as it is in large part due to his efforts.

Most of the articles and information on this wiki would not exist without the People of Motorcity blog, and I would like to make sure that those who come across this page know the amazing contribution this Titmouse crew member has made.

--KyuKyu (talk) 23:31, January 6, 2013 (UTC)

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