Motorcity Group
Kaneco Logo
Leader Abraham Kane
Members Kane, Julie, Tooley, Red, Darr, the Stars and Sabres, the KaneCo Cadettes, KaneBots, and many scientists.
Enemies The Burners, the Terra, Motorcity
Headquarters KaneCo Tower
First Battle for Motorcity

"KaneCo'" is the company owned by Abraham Kane that built, maintains, and controls Detroit Deluxe.


KaneCo is a company and military organization that produces a wide variety of incredibly advanced technology, including everything from robotics and weaponry to food and clothing.


It has been alluded to that Jacob built the company together with Kane, but that the two had a falling out when Kane's methods became too vicious.

Currently, the company's goals are that of the CEO Abraham Kane- To keep Detroit Deluxe peaceful and controlled, while eradicating Motorcity and forcing the Motorcitizens to join the utopia above.

Kane has made it clear that he wants his daughter, Julie to become the next head of the company when he is no longer able. She has accepted.

The KaneCo Cadettes

The KaneCo Cadettes are KaneCo's military. They recruit young Deluxians, who can
Stars and Sabres
advance through the ranks. Those that show exceptional abilities, such as Mike Chilton, are promoted to the Stars and Sabers.


Kane Bot


  • Most of the company's products incorporate the K logo somewhere.

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