Julie Kapulsky (Kane)
Julie Kane
Background information
First seen ""Battle for Motorcity""
Voice Kate Micucci
Inspiration Juliet Capulet (of William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet)
Character information
Full name Julie Kapulsky
Other names "Jules" (by Mike); "Lisa, Nancy, Ms. Deluxe" (by Texas); "Julie Bear" (by Kane);"Bangs" (Foxy)
Personality bold, insightful, sarcastic
Car 9 Lives
Occupation Burner's Intel collector, Kane Co. Intern
Affiliations The Burners
Goal To prove to herself that her father is not a total monster
Home Detroit Deluxe
Relatives Abraham Kane (Father)
Allies Claire, Mike, Chuck, Texas, Dutch, Jacob
Enemies Abraham Kane, Tooley, Foxy (more like Frenemy)
Likes Cats, cars, spending time with Claire (in Motorcity)
Dislikes Kane's hostile takeover Motorcity, Lies (ironically)
Powers and abilities
Weapons Retractable Electro-Boomerang
Quote "If I don't try to help Motorcity, I'm no different from him."

Julie Kapulsky (Kane), The Burners' inside connection to Kane Co. and all of Kane's activities. Driver of 9 Lives.


Julie is the shortest member of the Burners. She has long, luscious red hair that reaches to her lower back and large almond shaped eyes. When Julie is spending time in Motorcity, she typically wears a green short-sleeve shirt with a dark blue and black-striped vest. Dark green skinny "jeans" with a black inner lining and a pair of white boots. Julie is the only member of the Burners who doesn't have the Burner emblem displayed on their attire. (She can't risk a wardrobe malfunction when she gathers intel.)

When Julie returns to Deluxe, she's able to use her hologram tech to alter her outfit in the standard Kane Co. light-blue and white palette with Kane Co. emblem on her vest.


Julie is a bold, insightful, and slightly sarcastic young woman, who struggles to find a middle ground in her double life as a Burner and being the daughter of a dictator. Being aware of the cruelty her father inflicts on the Motorcitizens, she seeks some redemption in joining the fight with Deluxe's Most Wanted.

Julie would defend Motorcity without hesitation from Kane's onslaught but she will fight for a diplomatic solution that would bring peace to both worlds.


Julie doesn't have quite the same combat training as Mike or Texas, her signature hologram replicator allows her to be the perfect decoy in and out of 9 Lives. She can also duplicate other Burner vehicles as well.

Julie has shown to have great stamina and dexterity in tight situations and capable of winning a race in reverse as well.


Julie and Abraham Kane

Julie and Kane seem to share a very close father-daughter relationship. Despite being preoccupied with his next scheme to finish off the Burners or Motorcity, he and Julie set aside a special day to spend quality time together.

On multiple occasions, Julie has openly expressed her disagreement to Kane's methods but he immediately dismisses her criticism. In episode Like Father, Like Daugther, Julie takes the opportunity to have a heart-to-heart discussion about how Kane governs Deluxe. When Kane tries to justify his reasons for his intense methods, Julie pushes back. After an intense game of laser ball, Kane recognizes Julie's ferocity and reveals to her that she is the chosen heir to the Deluxian Throne.

Julie and Claire

Claire is Julie's best friend and one of the 3 people that knows about Julie's kinship to Kane. Although, she seems indifferent about Julie's recent lifestyle change; she's in fact very concerned about Julie's safety, shown in episode Off the Rack. Claire obviously prefers the luxuries of Deluxe over Motorcity but she's sets aside her discomfort to hangout with her bff.

Julie does her best to include Claire with the group and struggles to convince her that Motorcity is in many ways better than Deluxe. In episode Julie and the Amazons, Claire instantaneously changes her opinion about Motorcity after meeting Foxy, leader of The Amazons. Julie feels replaced by Foxy and hurt by the fact she was able to convince Claire when she couldn't. In a heated argument, Claire comes clean with her feelings about Julie's drastic change; running parallel to being replaced by Mike.

"You know, you didn't used to dress like that or talk about cars! Then you met Mike and everything changed." -Claire; "Julie and the Amazons"
Despite this rough patch, Claire assures Julie that she truly believes in her and would stand by her judgement.
"Everyone in Deluxe thinks the Burners are the enemy, everyone! But I don't! You know why? Because you told me to believe in them. And I always have your back, that's what friends do." -Claire; "Julie and the Amazons"
Julie and Mike

In the episode Julie and the Amazons, it's implied by Claire that Mike is responsible for Julie's sudden transition into the Burner Life. Mike puts his trust in Julie to gather any necessary information about Kane's schemes. In episode Vega, Mike entrusts Julie as his second-in-command in his absence.

"If something goes wrong, I need to know if someone will fight for Motorcity." -Mike; "Vega"
After the events of the finale, Mike starts to suspect about Julie's "working relationship" with Kane. Even though Julie tries to downplay his speculation, Mike warns her not to get too close before it's too late. (hmm, about that....)

Julie and Texas

In the beginning, Texas had some prejudice towards Julie because of her constant absence implied in episode Off the Rack. Dubbing her as "Ms. Deluxe". But he quickly changes his perception after Julie destroys a drone factory on her own.

"[Kicked some serious Drone Butt] Yeah...with nothing but her muscles! I gotta admit Julie, you ain't no 'Ms. Deluxe'; you're a dang 'Burner', Lady!" -Texas; "Off the Rack"



  • Julie's surname was never officially disclosed on the show but many fans assumed it to be "Kane". However, Chris Prynoski, creator of Motorcity, announced to fans on his tumblr account that Julie's real surname is "Kapulsky" [1] based off of William Shakespeare's Juliet Capulet.
  • In episode "Like Father, Like Daughter." Tooley photo bombs in one of her pictures.
  • In addition to being stealthy, the other reason Julie is able to venture freely into Motorcity unnoticed is because Kane is too busy and Tooley is too stupid to notice.[2]
  • During the development of the series, Julie was one of the 3 original female characters to join the Burners.
  • Julie had a rival/antagonist within the Burners named, Holly. Her character suspected that Julie kept a serious secret from the group and intended to find out. She also saw Julie as a competitor for Mike's affection. [3]
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Sadie at the Big Donut

  • Voice actor, Kate Micucci, has taken on several new roles since the cancellation. She voices the character Sadie on Cartoon Network's Steven Universe.