466x302 jacob
Background information
First seen "Battle for Motorcity"
Voice Brian Doyle-Murray
Character information
Full name
Other names
Car Sasquatch
Occupation Restaurant & grocery store owner
Affiliations The Burners
Home Motorcity
Allies Mike, Texas, Dutch, Julie, Chuck
Likes Organic food, collecting oil cans, cooking
Dislikes Abraham Kane
Powers and abilities
Weapons Pipe Wrench

Jacob is the Burners mentor and owner of their garage and main hangout, Mutt Dogs. He drives Sasquatch.


Jacob was Kane's partner, and helped create much of the technology in Detroit Deluxe. It's unclear when Jacob learned of Kane's megalomania, but it drove him down to Motorcity, where he now serves as a voice of wisdom and experience for the Burners.


Don't let his age fool you, Jacob can keep up with the best of the Burners. Despite looking and acting like an old beatnik, he's a former lead scientist of KaneCo, and helped build the terminological wonder that is Detroit Deluxe.


Jacob appears to be in his early 60's, having mostly grey hair that he wears long and grows into a beard. He wears a red bandana, and white shirt under a very worn black vest. He also wears blue jeans, boots, and a black wrist band on his left wrist.


  • One of his hobbies includes collecting and looking at used oil-cans.
  • Jacob work with Kane on Detroit Deluxe has left him with knowledge of much of KaneCo's technology.
  • He does his best to grow food with the limited natural resources in Motorcity, but his organic recipes are less than appreciated by the kids, okra mayonnaise muffins being one very strange exception for Chuck. Texas seems to enjoy his cooking in general.
  • In some of the early concepts for the show, Jacob was Mike's grandfather.
  • Jacob's design and personality is similar to Goat in Megas XLR. This is no coincidence, as many of the Motorcity crew were on the writing and directing team for Megas XLR.


Episode 8 Dutch joins the burners
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