Motorcity Car
Jacob's Grub Truck
Grub Truck
Type Food truck
Owner Jacob
Color Purple, gold, & green
First episode ""Blonde Thunder""

The Grub Truck is a food truck that belongs to Jacob. It is a modified hotdog truck.


The Grub truck's color scheme is gold and purple with green accents.

The logo is a goat-like creature riding a burning skateboard. It has bloodshot eyes, Jacob's bandanna and hairstyle, and a Retch-root Cap perched on it's tongue.


Texas found this truck for Jacob, who used the vehicle to sell his soon to spoil Retch-root Caps at the race between Chuck and the Duke of Detroit.


  • The goat like creature may be an homage to Goat from MTV Downtown, as Jacob's character strongly resembles him. This is because many of the Motorcity crew were on the writing and directing team for MTV Downtown.


Episode 8 Dutch joins the burners
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