Motorcity Car
A fantasy
Fantasy Vans
Type Van
Owner The LARPers
Color Red and blue
First episode "Ride of the Fantasy Vans"

The Fantasy Vans are two vans belonging to the LARPers.


The Fantasy vans are both painted with high fantasy murals on their sides. The red van depicts Ruby the Darkslayer and another Larper fighting a dragon. The blue van depicts a wizard casting a lightning spell.


The Burners modified one of the vans to defeat the Beast.


The design of the fantasy vans (with murals and porthole windows) is probably inspired by the custom vans popular in the 1970s


Name Item Location Function Appear/s
Energy lance
Energy lance
On top of the Ram Close combat Ride of the Fantasy Vans
Battering Ram
Energy cannon
On the roof of the van Fire energy blasts
Shield generator
Shield generator
Left side Creates energy shields


Episode 8 Dutch joins the burners
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