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On November 5th 2012, it was accounced that Disney would not renew Motorcity for a second season.[1]

This cancellation highly controversial due to Disney's poor treatment of this wonderful show:

  1. They frequently moved around the timeslot
  2. A hiatus just when the fanbase was growing
  3. MANY leaked episodes, and starting after the hiatus ON the leaked episodes.
  4. Episodes shown out of order
  5. Very little advertising

These five things exhaust audiences. We like routine, and knowing how find our show with a regular shedule. Without these things, the momentum of a show is destroyed, no matter how good it is, and gives the audience a distaste for the material.

When ratings inevitably drop, the company gets to blame the show rather than their horrible treatment of their product.

Chris Prynoski and Co. had been pitching the show for at least 10 years before Disney decided to buy it. This was probably the studio’s baby in more ways then one. At the very least, if any of your are planning to send letters and complaints to Disney, then TELL THEM TO GIVE THE IP BACK TO TITMOUSE.

Better the I.P. be in the hands of its creators then someone who doesn’t care.[2]

Contact Disney and tell them what you think! Tell them to release Motorcity's I.P.!

Twitter: @DisneyChannelPR

Facebook: Disney XD’s official page, Disney Channel’s official page,

YouTube: XD’s official channel

Disney Channel Guest Services


Disney XD
Brookfield Place
181 Bay Street, PO Box 787
Toronto, Ontario
M5J 2T3

State your reasons, be coherent, be diplomatic.

Answer the following questions: “Why do you like the show?”, “Why do you think the IP should be returned?”, state a number of reasons why you think the show is unique and deserves to be saved. Avoid insults but don’t be afraid of telling them why you think they’re at fault, afterall I think they appreciate the viewer’s feedback, how else are they going to improve their channels?[3]

What this means for the Wiki!

The cancellation doesn't mean the wiki is dead! As long as the fans still love Motorcity, it will live on!


There is a petition on which is trying to:

Give the rights back to Titmouse so they can decide what to do next with the show.

The link to it is down below.