Motorcity Location
Detroit Deluxe
Detroit Deluxe
Type City
Owner Abraham Kane
Location Directly above Motorcity
First episode "Battle for Motorcity"

"Kane promised everyone the city of the future, he never told them it would cost them their freedom, most of them don't even realize what they've lost. But I do."- Mike Chilton

Detroit Deluxe is a futuristic metropolis built by Kane, located on a giant platform that covers Old Detroit, which is now known as Motorcity. The citizens have had their freedom taken away, but almost nobody living there realizes it. Detroit Deluxe is most likely to have stemmed from Metro Detroit, spreading across most of southern Michigan. Although it looks peaceful on the outside, inside it's buildings and factories are another story. Citizens of Deluxe are highly restricted, monitored, and oppressed. Citizens are routinely forced to work in Kane's factories from sunrise to sunset, and when a citizen goes up, there's no returning.


Detroit Deluxe was built by Abraham Kane and Jacob when they were still partners. Jacob left the partnership when he realized Kane's ruthless nature. Kane has since continued to expand Deluxe and attempted to eradicate Motorcity. His only obstacle now is the Burners.


  • The majority of Deluxe buildings are made with of detachable pods.
  • The only food available in Detroit Deluxe are 'Throat Cubes'.[1]


Episode 8 Dutch joins the burners
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