Motorcity Car
Blonde Thunder
Blonde Thunder
Type Sports coupe
Owner Chuck
Color Blue & Yellow
First episode "Blonde Thunder"

Blonde Thunder is Chuck's blue seldom-driven, custom-built sports coupe. It was in a state of disrepair until his friends souped it up for a race against the Duke. Unlike the other Burners' vehicles, Blonde Thunder does not have any known weapons or additional equipment, except for a turbo boost. It is unknown if Chuck will ever drive it again.


Turbo Boost - This is the only tool Blonde Thuder is known to have. It allows it to accelerate to extreme speeds.


  • The name Blonde Thunder may be meant to poke fun at the fact that thunder is noise (Chuck's screaming), and not actually speedy like lightning.
  • During production, Blonde Thunder was refered to as Blonde Lightning. It was changed because Disney didn't want another car with a similar name to Lightning McQueen. [1]


Episode 8 Dutch joins the burners
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