Motorcity Car
Vehicles 9lives
9 Lives
Type 21st Century police cruiser.
Owner Julie
Color Black & Yellow
First episode "Battle for Motorcity"

9 Lives is Julie's car. It's a modified 21st century police cruiser.


9 Lives's color scheme is bright yellow with black stripes running down the sides.

The logo is the number nine with cat ears on top.

9 Lives Logo


  • Holograms - 9 Lives can produce at least nine holograms at a time of itself and other cars.
  • Cloaking - 9 Lives can cloak to near invisibility
  • Trackers - Julie can deploy small spherical trackers from the two front wheels, which can latch onto other objects and send out a homing signal.
Name Item Location Function                   Appear/s
Vehicles 9lives with skies
Ride the Lightning
Vehicles 9lives with Taser
On the sides (Near the door) To shock things close by The Duke of Detroit
High Precision Sniper Beam
Vehicles 9lives under the hood-1-
Under the hood Fires a horizontal ray of high precision at a far distance Reunion
Vehicles 9lives traps
In the wheels

Deploys smoke screens, oil slicks and EMP mines


  • 9 Lives bears a striking resemblance to the Shooting Star, Racer X's car in Speed Racer, in its color scheme, number, and elements of its design.


Episode 8 Dutch joins the burners
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